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Mineral and Vitamin Deficiency, why it happens and what you can do.

The Ultimate Health Revolution.

Sweet Green Smoothy
The most nutritient packed, calcium rich meal on the planet 

Ever feel all that cooked food is getting you down, leaving you feeling washed out and tired, especially in the winter months?.

Well that's because it is not good to cook too much food. When you expose food to heat levels of around 200°C, proteins begin to denature and all goodness in the food is eliminated, in effect you are feeding your body a slightly carcinogenic (in burnt fried cases) and nutrient devoid concoction.

Dr. Kouchakoff, Institute of Clinical Chemistry Switzerland, studied the simple observation of the digestive leukocytosis and made an amazing discovery, he found that unaltered food (i.e. food that had not been overheated, or refined) caused no reaction in the blood. But food that had been heated beyond a certain temperature (unique to each food), or food that was processed, always caused a rise in the number of white blood cells. He called this not a digestive leukocytosis, but a pathological leukocytosis - a reaction to a foreign invader!!

Leukocytosis: [a raised white blood cell count (the leukocyte count) above the normal range in the blood]

The revolution of the Green Power Smoothy is one that has been around for a while since circa 2004. It was first happened upon by a Victoria Boutenko, who created the Raw Family movement which she believes literally saved her ailing family.

I personally know of Plant Based Diet bodybuilders and athletes, some weighing in at over 15stones (215lbs) that consume these smoothies sometimes as meal replacements. Yet they maintain AND grow muscle mass. That's right, human males can grow muscle on 45-50g of plant protein per day!!!

So what's the deal?.

Basically dietitians and so called government health advisors (usually recommending meat as the staple protein diet) have been "educating" the public about the multiple benefits of greens, but it was not clear how to incorporate fresh greens into everyone’s daily diet.

As people age in todays mineral stripped world, there becomes an issue of lowering levels of Hydrochloric acid and peptides required to break down cellulose in the plants, this is mostly always due to mineral deficiencies, especially zinc. In turn a distaste for all things green ensues.

So it is that a viscious circle is set in place, that humans will reject plant based foods as a staple and move on to the plethora of junk laden and plastic "zero nutrition" food stuffs forced upon us and so it is that a slippery slope of deteriorating physical health begins.

Enter the Green Smoothy

Avocados Thicken Smoothies

It's a revolution, but quite simply the most simple one of modern times. Upon observing the behaviour of animals in their natural habitat, especially Bonobos and Chimps (96-98% DNA similarity to humans and predominantly plant based eaters!!), Victoria Boutenko was able to observe that primates too require vegetation in their diet.

What she saw, was that these primates would literally pick up their favourite fruits and wrap them in leaves (to disguise the taste of the greens) BUT THEY KNOW THEY REQUIRE THE VITAMIN AND MINERAL RICH GREENS!!

Upon seeing this Victoria realised the connection and decided to attempt a blended version (for ease of consumption) of what the Monkeys and Bonobos had taught her.

Quite simply, the Green Smoothies for example, blended with a banana, were much more palatable...success!!!

Smoothies have since been blended with seeds and some soft nuts, dates, avocados grapes and so forth to create amazing tasting smoothies blended with water or a milk alternative (almond milk)....not only do they taste great, but deliver a big punch of nutritional value, plant calcium (retained by the body), enzymes and so on and so forth...the benefits are too great to ignore.

It's such an affordable, low cost and simplistic option to aleviate so much of the ill health in todays society, that a government would never quickly rush to endorse it. A power packed, great tasting (even for those with a sweet tooth) drink that delivers maximum nutrition and plant calcium that doesn't deplete bone density (subject of "hypercalciuria" covered in this video Click here to View).

Please visit Victoria's website for more information and smoothy recipe ideas:

Raw Family movement

Please see Donna's website regarding Allergy Testing UK

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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Don't be SAD this winter

As winter starts to draw in, you may notice everyone around you start to pick up the sniffles, runny noses, hacking coughs, feelings of tiredness and lethargy. But don't be SAD, the good news is, it doesn't have to be this way and no the answer doesn't lie in using a SAD lamp either!

What the doctor should order, is a balanced nutritious diet of vegetables and as much raw food stuff as possible. This combined with a sensible and sustainable exercise program will see you through to March 2010, ready and wanting to reveal your beach body mid Spring.

Quite simply, when the winter comes, we tend to become more lethargic and easily distracted from that run, from that visit to the gym.....dark mornings, dark would rather cuddle up in front of the fireplace and watch some good TV of an evening.
It is the body's natural response to want to slow down a little in the winter and we may all put a few pounds on over the season of excess. But it can be done sensibly and there is no need to pile on a stone or more in weight over this period....we are talking 3-4lbs at the very most! Adopting a more vegan approach to diet would aid in regulating your weight, even without exercise!

In truth we would really benefit from solving the issue of winter lethargy from grass-roots upwards.
We need to nourish our bodies firstly and change our mind sets to motivate ourselves to boost our metabolism.

It can be tough if you lead a busy life, to fit 'me time' in, especially if you have children....but what use are you as a parent to your kids if you are completely burnt out or lethargic, or dare I say it...full of cold and flu?! A pragmatic approach is required that will allow a sustainable level and quality of exercise and diet, without compromising your immune system and boosting your willingness to exercise throughout the winter period.

I see so many people over-training. The effects of this are not always so evident in the summer months. However over - training can suppress the immune-system and deplete the bodies mineral and vitamin resources, such as vitamin D stored over the summer months, not forgetting vitamin C. Thus in turn
leaving your liver over worked and your immune system weakened and prone to infection.

All this scare mongering of Swine Flu is nonsense....we as humans have the most amazing auto-immune system that should be so strong, that it could defend itself and adapt itself to ward off any threat to it. But it is modern day diet that is compromising peoples ability to deal with such issues, causing such hype over
Swine Flu and such like.

So really we should be looking at what foods are available that could help to underpin our immune systems over the winter period:

The Good Foods

Whole grains: Brown rice, millet, quinoa, buckwheat (kasha), oats, barley, and other whole grains are a valuable source of the vitamins, minerals and fibre that are an essential part of keeping the immune system healthy. Fibre helps cleanse the colon of toxins and helps prevent intestinal infections.

Intact whole grains, not the flour products made from them are what really strengthen the digestive system. Cooked grains make a great breakfast or a substitute for pasta, white rice or white potatoes.

Vegetables: Eat as many vegetables as you can. These are really the immune-boosting heavyweights. They are the best source of the vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that are known to protect the body against many diseases, including cancer. Especially try to have dark leafy greens, such as kale and collard greens. And include as many of the yellow and orange vegetables as possible for beta carotene, an important anti-oxidant. Broccoli, carrots, winter squash and sweet potatoes are also great for satisfying the sweet tooth healthily.

Fresh fruit: Providing the same benefits as vegetables, fruits can be eaten as snacks, separate from protein for better digestion. Berries are particularly noted for their cancer preventative abilities. Fruit though is very high in sugar, so large quantities should be avoided, especially tropical fruits such as bananas, mangoes, etc. If you are prone to yeast infections (thrush, candida), avoid fruit juices, since the high concentration of sugar promotes the growth of yeast in the digestive system. If you must drink a fruit juice, choose ones which have the fibrous 'bits' in them.

Protein: Protein is important for maintaining rapid production of cells to support the immune system, preventing loss of lean muscle mass and boosting energy. For those of us that choose a vegan/veggie plant based diet protein sources would include, lentils, Quinoa, Tofu (in moderation), handful of nuts and seeds and chick peas for example.

For those carnivores amongst us, have plenty of fish, especially those high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for building the body's immune
response. These include salmon, sardines, mackerel, trout and tuna; flax seeds are an important source of this nutrient.
Dairy products are not the best protein source since they create digestive problems for many people, such as excess gas, loose stools, mucous and congestion. Yeast infections and thrush also thrive on dairy. Vegetarian sources of protein include soy products such as tofu and tempeh, and beans and
legumes, having the added benefit of fiber, which animal foods do not provide.

Other helpful foods include onions, garlic (unless you are having liver problems), ginger, and turmeric (a spice that is a good anti-inflammatory).
Small quantities of fresh almonds, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds are also good sources for zinc and healthy fats.

Water: This is essential for regulating all of the body's systems. It eases the job of the kidneys and liver to process and eliminate toxins from the blood. It helps keep mucous membranes moist enough to combat the viruses they encounter. And it is a little known tool for reducing sugar cravings. Sugar
cravings are often a sign of dehydration. If you find yourself craving carbs/sugar, drink a big glass of water, wait a few minutes and see if the need for the sugar is really still there.

Water, as well as other beverages, really should not be ice cold. Your body will have to use a lot of energy to warm it up to approx 98.6 degrees F, it tries so hard to maintain. Try to have 4 to 5 glasses of pure water every day, with additional water from fruits and preparation.
Over consumption of water can lead to excess Sodium intake, especially in bottled water.

Supplements: Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and herbs are an important part of making sure your nutritional needs are met. But taking a lot of supplements while maintaining a poor diet will not have the desired effects. As shop bought vitamins are usually full of chalk, barely digestible, or unrecognized by
the body, we should source our daily requirement from natural soil grown Organic foods......there is no need for any additional supplementation in the modern diet. Anyone that says, you must take a supplement, probably just bought a franchise to profit from them. We can source all of our requirements naturally. See Dr Doug Graham's web sites

Basic things to avoid:

Coffee: is the single worst thing you can pump into your body over the winter, it is an artificial stimulant and will leave you craving more of it. it is simply a drug. Not to mention the 200 plus chemicals that are found in coffee, caffeine (1,3,7 trimethylxanthine) is the primary reason for its consumption. Caffeine is both a central nervous system (CNS) and metabolic stimulant, affecting neurotransmitter function (adenosine, dopamine, serotonin, adrenergic, muscarinic, and nicotinic receptors) and endocrine function (ACTH, cortisol, insulin, gastric acid, epinephrine, and free fatty acid levels).

So avoid caffeine and sugar crashes....switch to a peppermint or herbal tea and reap the rewards!

Excess fat consumption: Regulation of fat intake, whether animal or plant based will help maintain a healthy and efficient pancreas insulin response. Thus aiding the effect of sugar level imbalances. I have found doctor M Klapers video so helpful in understanding this concept. See Doctor Klaper's Video.
Over training: As explained previously, pounding the streets 5 days a week, 10 miles a day, is not the answer to maintaining a healthy body, more over a recipe for disaster in the winter months especially. Exercise moderately, at a pace that is comfortable to you for a mimimum 25 mins, 3 times per week.....Dr Doug Graham recommends hill running to reduce impact stress damage on the joints....especially if you are jogging/power walking on hard surfaces as the loading pressure on knee joints can be measured in tons, especially running downhill!

A trip to the gym to load and stimulate your muscle groups is very highly recommended also. Blood flow and circulation/Blood Pressure will all benefit as a result. For best results, you really need to limit your time at the gym to one hour maximum per session and cardio would be better done outdoors. The less time spent in the gym will result in a want and desire to go back time and time again......rather than fall by the wayside.

Hope this helps you over the winter months.

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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Obesity and sleep deprivation link

Obesity and insomnia have been medically linked. Research also shows that getting too much sleep, or irregular sleep (less than six hours or more than nine per night), can lead to fat deposits in the belly. Over seventy five percent of people claim to have difficulty sleeping (according to the National Sleep Foundation).

61% of Americans are now considered overweight. Recent studies have now shown a link between sleep, hormones and weight loss.

The prime culprits could be hormones. The hunger signals in your brain are controlled by two hormones: ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin tells your brain when it is time to eat, and leptin tells your brain when you are full. When you are fatigued, ghrelin levels in your blood increase and leptin levels decrease. A recent study showed a 5% increase in body weight in those who slept less than three hours a night.

The National Center for Health Statistics conducted a survey of over 87,000 adults over the two year period from 2004 to 2006. Going door-to-door, they confirmed that obesity and sleep loss were linked. One third of the people who slept less than six hours were obese, while only 22% of those who slept the normal seven or eight hours were obese.

Children show the same results and suffer the same statistical link between sleep and obesity. Sleep deprivation has also linked obesity in teens to fibromyalgia. Teens who sleep less tend to be overweight, especially if they are deprived of the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep that is associated with dreaming. Thirteen percent of teens are overweight. This increases their risk for heart problems, diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as sleep apnea.

A recent report in ScienceDaily magazine linked truck drivers and truck crashes to sleep apnea caused by obese commercial truck drivers. Obstructive sleep apnea is common in the 15 million commercial truck drivers. It is suspected that as many as two to three million truck drivers may have apnea, a condition that is also attributed to causing hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. A report in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine concluded that truck drivers who have sleep apnea increase their risk for causing a car accident by seven-fold. Over 450 drivers were involved in the study.

Science continues to find links between sleep and obesity, which leads to a simple conclusion. Increasing exercise and dieting may not only help with weight loss, it may also help you sleep. And visa versa. A good night's sleep may help you lose weight.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Sugar and what it does to your body, the truth revealed.

Sugar, a pragmatic approach.

Sugar is not a problem to the body when it comes from a whole food source.

The impact on the body from sugar, is only detrimental when it comes in a refined form, ie. when the fibre or water has been removed, for example, cane sugar, fruit juices/root vegetable juices, honey, alcoholic drinks and syrups such as maple or dried fruits.

Your body is fuelled by sugar, that is why it breaks everything down to glucose, the most simple sugar, for fuel. The problem comes when there is no fibre to buffer (to restrict or lessen impact) the release of sugar.

Your body is naturally designed to process whole foods only. There are no refined foods in nature. So when a refined food enters the body, the body doesn't recognise it as a food perse'. It cannot slow down the release of the sugar, due to the lack of fibre, and so gets a big rush of sugar into the blood stream, which demands an emergency kickstart from the pancreas to release more insulin, which in turn, requires an emergency kickstart from the adrenals, to tell the pancreas that there is a life-or-death emergency at hand.

With dried fruits, this is a different picture. Both water and fibre take up a lot of room in the stomach. Part of the satiation ("You've had enough") signal by the body is to do with calories consumed, but also, to do with how much volume has been taken up in the stomach. The lack of water in the stomach means that you can consume more dried fruits, than you would be able to eating the whole fruit, without feeling full as soon.
The lack of water causes the sugars to concentrate in the dried fruits also.
It is possible to end up eating more sugar than your body can actually metabolise, causing elevated blood sugar levels. This would not happen with a whole food, as the water and fibre levels will send signals to the brain that tell you to reduce appetite and stop eating. e.g eat fresh dates, instead of dried dates, an orange instead of squeezed orange juice.

Sugar is also an issue when more excess fat is consumed, than can be metabolised by the body. This is because fat molecules are relatively large and take up a lot of space in the blood stream. So if too much is consumed, it can stick around for up to 24 hours. This can cause all sorts of problems, such as the fat molecules blocking the insulin receptors. This means that the sugar cannot get out of the blood stream and into the Mitochondria cells via insulin. So blood sugar levels can remain unnaturally high for long periods.

Fat is seen as fat by the body, no matter what its source. If it is animal fat, or plant oil fat, the body will not differentiate.

This is where problems like diabetes, weight gain, candida and adrenal fatigue can occur, especially when refined sugars are present in the diet. With diabetes, this chronic over-demand on the pancreas every day, over a long period of time, becomes too much of a challenge (weakening insulin release), with the adrenals also.

With weight gain, more sugar is present in the blood stream than can be used to at any given time One of the things the body can do is convert and store the sugar as body fat, since it cannot store carbohydrates well.

This could never happen on a whole foods, low fat diet, since the body makes it difficult for you to over-eat.  As far as candida is concerned, Candida is a friendly organism, which the body needs to preserve its health. It only causes problems when high blood sugar levels come into play. The body allows candida to reside in the body since it consumes sugar.
This means on the occassions that we might over-eat for our requirements, perhaps because we have been inactive that day, Candida can play a helping role in reducing blood sugar levels. Candida only consumes excess blood sugar. The problem comes into play, in todays unnatural dietary environment, where we have refined sugars and high fat diets. So people have unnaturally high blood sugar levels, often 3 or 4 times a day, instead of the possible once a week or once a month we might find in our natural situation.

In turn this can lead to an excess growth of candida and the respective problems caused as a direct result.

As long as fruit is consumed in its whole, natural form, and you consume a relatively low fat diet, you will get no problems with weight gain, tooth decay and loss (cavities, inflammation), diabetes, candida, adrenal fatigue or any other conditions typically associated with a high sugar diet.

To suggest that ALL sugar is bad is total fabrication and myth, but mainly due to misinformation. Our bodies are dependent on simple sugars and in the case of the is the only fuel it can use.

Donna recommends that to satisfy a sweet tooth hunger pang, to eat 2 fresh dates per day maximum.

To order dates online visit the website below. The fresh dates, guaranteed to be delivered in 3 working days, taste great!

Cost: £4.60 for 24 FRESH dates, cheaper in price than any UK supermarket, even including the postage to your door! Remember to refrigerate.


* feelgoodagain is in no way affiliated to and does not assume responsibility for any actions make, in respect to a customer order.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Milk - Link to Asthma

Source :

Beautiful smiley cow
The link between asthma and cows' milk is familiar to many young asthma sufferers and their parents. Many people assumed that milk worsens asthma by stimulating mucus production in the lungs. However, studies suggest that, either along with or instead of creating excess mucus, milk may worsen asthma due to an undiagnosed milk allergy.

"In all respiratory conditions, mucous-forming dairy foods, such as milk and cheese, can exacerbate clogging of the lungs and should be avoided," writes Professor Gary Null in his Complete Encyclopedia of Natural Healing. Very simply, when more mucus accumulates in the lungs than can be expelled, asthma attacks develop. This belief has long been held in practiced medicine, and many medical doctors still stand behind this theory.

At the same time, many other doctors and researchers are now beginning
to feel that undiagnosed milk allergies may be the underlying problem
behind the link between milk and asthma. As Dr. Robert M. Giller writes
in Natural Prescriptions, eliminating dairy products from the diets of
many adult and child asthma patients helps "not because dairy products
stimulate mucus production but because they're very common causes of
allergy, upper-respiratory allergies and asthma (which may be an allergy
in itself)."

"Milk is one of the two or three most common food allergens in the
American diet," says allergy specialist Dr. James Braly in Bill
Gottlieb's book Alternative Cures. In fact, Dr. Frank Oski, the chief of
pediatrics at the John Hopkins School of Medicine, believes that 50
percent of all school children may be allergic to milk, though many of
them remain undiagnosed. Some researchers believe that the figure may be
even higher, up to 60 percent of children, according to Dr. Charles R.
Attwoods's book, A Vegetarian Doctor Speaks Out. When most people think
of milk allergies, they think of anaphylactic shock -- a severe,
life-threatening allergic reaction that can only be relieved with a shot
of epinephrine. However, allergies sometimes manifest in very different
ways, and these may change throughout a person's life.

In Get Healthy Now, Professor Null explains a milk allergy's changing
symptoms: "Even if the symptoms are not the same, the underlying allergy
may be. A child who has suffered milk-associated asthma, for instance,
may have severe acne as a teenager. The milk allergy is still there, but
its symptoms have moved to a different organ system, often misleading
the patient and physician into thinking that the original allergy has
been outgrown." According to Alternative Medicine, up to half of all
infants may be sensitive to cows' milk. As a result, symptoms of an
underlying milk allergy may start as early as infancy, only manifested
as eczema, a symptom that may remain later on in childhood and
adulthood. Furthermore, in addition to asthma and eczema, an underlying
milk allergy may manifest as bronchitis, sinusitis, autoimmune
disorders, frequent colds and ear infections and even behavioral

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Dates - The ultimate superfood?!

Health benefits from eating dates in your daily diet are too many to mention, this amazing fruit is plentiful in natural fibre. Dates contain oil, calcium, sulphur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium which are advantageous for health. They are even rich in several vitamins and minerals. It is said that one date is a minimum requirement for a balanced and healthy diet and can help in fighting constipation, intestinal disorders, weight gain, heart problems, sexual weakness, diarrhoea and abdominal cancer.

According to modern medical surveys, it is known that dates are useful in preventing abdominal cancer. It is also known that many Muslims break their fast by eating dates and water according to their traditions. Breaking a fast by eating dates helps to avoid overeating of food. When the body absorbs the nutritional value of the dates, the feeling of hunger is pacified.
Dates give extra energy to a tired human body within half an hour after taking it and provide excellent nourishment for muscles.
Cancer Societies recommend an intake of 20-35 grams of dietary fibre in a day, which can be supplied through dates. It is said that taking one date in a day will help you to maintain healthy eyes throughout your lifetime.
Ailments that can be rectified or relieved by date consumption.
Constipation: A date is termed to be a laxative food. This is the reason that dates are beneficial for people suffering from constipation. For getting the most laxative effect from dates, you need to soak dates for one full night in water. You should consume these soaked dates in the morning like syrup to maximize their qualities.
Intestinal Disorders: The nicotinic content that is present in the dates is said to be beneficial for curing any kind of intestinal disorder. Continuous intake of dates helps to maintain a check on the growth of the pathological organisms and thus, helps in the rise of friendly bacteria in the intestines.

Weight Gain: Dates are said to be a part of a healthy diet. They consist of sugar, fats, proteins as well as essential vitamins. One kilogram of dates contains almost 3,000 calories. These calories alone are sufficient to meet the daily requirements of a human body. [this is not a reccomendation that dates should be used as a daily 'sole food source']
Heart Health: Dates are quite helpful in maintaining your heart in healthy condition. When soaked overnight and crushed in the morning and consumed, they can be beneficial for weak hearts. They help to fortify the heart, if taken regularly.

Sexual Weakness: Dates are even beneficial for increasing sexual stamina in the human body. A handful of dates, when soaked in Rice or Soya milk overnight, then grinded in the same milk with the mixture of cardamom powder and honey, becomes a very useful tonic for increasing sex endurance and sterility due to functional disorders.

Diarrhoea: Ripe dates contain potassium. Potassium is beneficial for controlling diarrhoea. They are easily digestible, which helps the gut cope with the problems associated with diarrhoea.

Intoxication: Dates are known as an excellent remedy for alcoholic intoxication. Dates provide quick relief in the event of alcoholic intoxication. They should be rubbed and soaked overnight for getting more nutrition value from them.

Abdominal Cancer: Dates are a beneficial aid in preventing and treatment of abdominal cancer. They work as a useful tonic for all age groups. They work more effectively than medicines, are natural and do not bear any side effects in the body. They can be easily digested and used for supplying extra and needed energy.
Although dates carry tremendous nutritional values, great care should be taken in their selection because they consist of a sticky surface which can attract various impurities in them. Hence, you should consume only those dates that are prepared, handled and packed well, i.e no additional sugars or coatings (check for ingredients: Dates 100%).

Washing the dates before consuming, will help to remove any impurities present in them.

Note: Fresh dates are highly recommended over Dried Dates. See the following website for details,



Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Donna Brown in Zest magazine July 2009

Raw Coaching.....

Living Raw Food Nutrition Coaching

Donna Brown is now in Zest magazine July 2009.....the UK's top selling health magazine.

Imagine...Jumping out of bed in the morning feeling totally awake, vibrantly alive and healthier then you have ever felt before! Imagine having boundless energy for every moment of the day with a clear mind and a feeling of inner peace and calm. Imagine that you are in the best shape of your life with a healthy body, no pains, no ailments and free of any excess weight. This is all possible with the help of your therapist's program.

With a simple and fun approach to fantastic health, it is possible to lose amazing amounts of weight, look and feel younger and healthier, heal yourself not in years, not in months, but very often within weeks!

Your therapist has helped many people find relief from: Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Acne, Migraines, Back, Neck and Joint Pain, Asthma, High blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Hypoglycemia, Colitis and Diverticulitis, Candida, Arthritis, Serious Allergies, Depression, Anxiety and Mood Swings, Heartburn, Gas and Bloating, Skin Diseases, Obesity, Menopausal Symptoms, Chronic Fatigue, Cancers and other ailments simply by following her program.

Science proves that cooking not only destroys nutrition and enzymes but chemically changes food from the substances needed for health into free-radicals and poisons that affect our health.

What is Raw & Living Food?
Raw and Living foods are uncooked, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains. These raw foods can be eaten whole or combined to make the healthiest, most delicious meals.

Your Therapist Donna will guide you on how to change your diet gradually to a Raw Food Diet and how you can lose weight, heal your body, increase your energy and look and feel younger within weeks.

There really are so many reasons to eat a raw diet.

For more information, or to book a Raw Food Coaching session with Donna, please click here.